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Monroe Lawn Care & Snow Removal


My name is Kane Monroe, son of Wells and Sue Durkee-Monroe.  I first started mowing lawns at around the age of 9 in my local neighborhood.  When I was 11 years old my father took me down to the local hardware to help me pick out a mower to buy with monies I had earned mowing. For several years through my youth I continued this mowing tradition my father had taught me. 

In 1982 my wife and I officially opened Monroe Lawn Care & Snow Removal.  My wife has been instrumental in the building of Monroe Lawn Care.

For many years I've had the honor of servicing the fine people of Owosso and those of the surrounding communities with quality service.  In the past I have  maintained  such locations as the landmark at 900 W. Oliver St.  and the Woodard estates, among others. I have also donated mowings to the youth soccer fields in the past. I'm always happy to help out the community when time permits.

The motto I follow, taught to me by my parents and grandparents at a young age;  if you're not going to do the job right then don't commit to the job at all.   I was taught that a mans word is his honor, therefore if  I give my word, or make a promise to do something, that promise is going to be carried out to the best of my ability.  Sadly it seems that times haven't just changed,  but rather we're living in a new world, and finding ethics like I believe in are becoming uncommon.

When you hire Monroe Lawn Care you're not hiring the name, or fancy trucks and equipment, or showmanship. You're hiring a man of integrity with years of experience.  Someone that is straight forward with the customer, with no hidden agendas or surprises in fine print, which have become common place in the business world.  You're hiring someone that knows how to use his knowledge and the tools at his disposal.

I have always taken pride in providing a quality job, and maintaining a good reputation with my clients and the community.

I  have also been, in good standing,  a member of the Owosso Chamber of Commerce since 1998.